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Tech & Science

Soaking up the Sun: An Intro to Residential Solar Panels

By Natalie McManus, last updated 7/8/14 08:00am

A large house, three kids who leave lights on, a pool whose filter runs half the day, electrical appliances, and air conditioning - all of which add up to a...

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Discussing the Future of Rapid Transit in Rockville

By Nicholas Christopher, last updated 6/21/14 07:02am

On Wednesday, June 25th, Communities for Transit and Coalition for Smarter Growth are holding a free, open event from 6:30-8:00 p.m. at Rockville Memorial Library to discuss Montgomery County's planned...

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Goodbye, Windows XP (What You Should Know)

By Radu Marin, last updated 4/8/14 08:24am

Radu Marin works and lives in the Rockville/Potomac area, holds a Master degree in Information Technology/Information Assurance (MSIT-IA) and is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). He is concerned...

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Interview with an Electric Vehicle Owner

By Cindy Cotte Griffiths, last updated 3/6/14 01:25pm

Having bought a hybrid car last year, I've been immensely curious about taking the next step to all electric. When I was recently assigned in my Studio Producer class at...

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Intro to the people and activities at Rockville Science Center

By Helen Triolo, last updated 12/13/13 10:59am

Yesterday, I went to one of the Rockville Science Center group's biweekly operations planning meetings to catch up on what's going on with them and was glad to find them...

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December 13, 2012: Get your geek on at Penn Camera

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