Get Fit at Earth Treks Climbing Center

By Helen Triolo, last updated 5/24/13 12:26am

Photo credit Leigh Ky's sister  

This is Leigh Ky, owner of Pomegranate & Co in Rockville Town Square, on her first visit to Earth Treks Climbing Center behind the Marlo building next to Richard Montgomery High School. I was so impressed with her apparent ability in the photo, I asked her more about her experience there:

How did you end up at the climbing center and what was it like?
My younger sister dragged me there! It's not the type of place for afternoon tea. It surely does not have a Starbucks or coffee house environment. But the instructors were great. Their humor definitely softened everyone's anxiety. There's no locker room. I recommend bringing a light draw string for personal belongings. There are cubbies for shoes. For beginners I recommend booking an introductory session (allow 3 hrs). Following the introductory session, you get 15 days of free climbing.

Did you enjoy it and would you recommend it to others?
It was challenging and relieving at the same time. I would recommend it to certain friends who are up for physical challenges.

It looks challenging and fun. I want to try it!
Yes, go! See if you can twist someone's arm to come with you. I was actually at a loss while I was climbing at the beginning but my crazy sister guided me. At the sharp slopes it was hard to see the next "rocks" and I had no idea how to move up. That can be intimidating, but it changed after awhile and I went at my own pace.

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