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Interview with an Electric Vehicle Owner

Posted by Cynthia Cotte Griffiths, last updated 3/6/14 01:25pm
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Having bought a hybrid car last year, I've been immensely curious about taking the next step to all electric. When…

LEAF 2.0: Mastering the Emerging Charging Infrastructure

Posted by Paul, last updated 12/8/13 01:05pm
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After becoming familiar with the NISSAN LEAF zero emissions vehicle's functions and capabilities, the next thing the intrepid new owner…

1000 Mile Progress Report: Driving the All-Electric Nissan LEAF

Posted by Paul 9/9/13 11:23am
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Well, 1000 miles into this electric thing, it is an amazing and brave new world. The LEAF is a stunningly…

Green Wednesday: Bike Rockville!

Posted by http://www.rockvilleliving.com/go 5/15/13 07:56am
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Tonight (Wednesday, May 15) is the 7th Annual Rockville Ride of Silence, beginning at the Rockville Library in Rockville Town…

Keeping Rockville Bikeable

Posted by Helen Triolo 1/12/13 10:12pm
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We're glad to see that Grandin Ave, which is part of Rockville's bike route and the best way to travel…

Walking the walk

Posted by http://www.rockvilleliving.com/go 9/11/12 10:36am
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I’m always happy to see the Pierzchala-mobile around town. Councilmember Pierzchala doesn't just talk about bicycling; he rides it wherever…