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"Meet the Locals" Night at Dawson's Market

Posted by http://www.rockvilleliving.com/go 9/12/13 05:09pm
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"Shop Local" doesn't get any better than this. Once a month, Dawson's Market hosts a "Meet the Locals" evening, with…

Have you been to the Rockville Farmers Market?

Posted by Helen Triolo 6/25/13 08:36am
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It's that time! The early summer farmers market features berries and greens like you won't find later on (of course,…

This is how we like to be greeted

Posted by Helen Triolo 6/11/13 04:12pm
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Is there any better way to be greeted at the entrance to a grocery store than with big buckets full…

RM Mulch Truck making the rounds today

Posted by Helen Triolo 4/6/13 09:39am
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Today's the day for mulch delivery for the annual RM Boosters mulch sale (to support Richard Montgomery High School athletic…

Do you have someone to nominate as a Dawson’s Market Ambassador?

Posted by Dawson’s Market, last updated 4/5/13 10:37am
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Each month Dawson’s Market is recognizing individuals in our community who are changing it for the better through their actions.…

start veggie plants from seeds

Posted by Martha Fisher 3/27/13 03:51pm
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It's not too late! If you're thinking about starting your own vegetable plants from seed and think you've let the…

cook roasted beets and Brussels sprouts

Posted by Helen Triolo, last updated 2/27/13 12:48pm
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We were at Whole Foods Market on Saturday, where they were offering samples of these roasted stripey beets, and thought…

Italian Stone Pine plants

Posted by Helen Triolo, last updated 2/8/13 07:51am
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Anyone know where to find these in the Rockville area?  They eventually grow pignoli that you can use to make…

All vegetarian, all the time at Yuan Fu

Posted by Helen Triolo 1/1/13 09:55pm
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Our favorite local place to get vegetarian Chinese food is Yuan Fu Vegetarian Restaurant, near the corner of Wootton Parkway…

Fall Clean up/ Winterization

Posted by Native Sun Landscaping 11/7/12 06:17pm
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Hello, Now is the time protect your grass by removing the leaves. At Native Sun Landscaping, we offer quick and…