Renewable energy / energy saving

Looking for ways to live more resourcefully, become more energy-independent, waste less, and support businesses who do the same? The Greenpages is the place to find information about ways that local organizations are supporting an environmentally sustainable future in the Rockville area.

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Soaking up the Sun: An Intro to Residential Solar Panels

By Natalie McManus, last updated 7/8/14 08:00am

A large house, three kids who leave lights on, a pool whose filter runs half the day, electrical appliances, and air conditioning - all of which add up to a...

Discussing the Future of Rapid Transit in Rockville

By Nicholas Christopher, last updated 6/21/14 07:02am

On Wednesday, June 25th, Communities for Transit and Coalition for Smarter Growth are holding a free, open event from 6:30-8:00 p.m. at Rockville Memorial Library to discuss Montgomery County's planned...

Yes, That is an Electric Mower

By Helen Triolo, last updated 6/18/14 11:00am

Update, June 23: There may be more bears in our neck of the woods. Thanks Diane for sending the link. Spotted in the back yard this morning, this gardener apparently...

Solair Systems Selected For Capitol Hill Community Solar Project

By Helen Triolo, last updated 11/9/13 10:22am

Rockville, MD — Rockville-based Solair Systems was selected from seven competitors as the installer for a community solar project in Capitol Hill and Ward 6 neighborhoods in Washington DC, organized...

Montgomery College Green Team Offers Award for Energy Efficiency

By Nicholas Christopher, last updated 9/23/13 10:37pm

I was excited when I received an e-mail from Dr. Timothy McWhirter, Professor of Philosophy at Montgomery College, asking me to meet up to discuss the M.C. Green Team’s new...

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