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Extreme Green Tower Oaks Tour, 2009

Posted by Helen Triolo 1/3/14 12:00am
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In 2009, Peerless Rockville held an "Extreme Green Tour" of the newly completed LEED-certified Tower Oaks building (at Wootton Parkway…

Solair Systems Selected For Capitol Hill Community Solar Project

Posted by http://www.rockvilleliving.com/go, last updated 11/9/13 10:22am
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Rockville, MD — Rockville-based Solair Systems was selected from seven competitors as the installer for a community solar project in…

Montgomery College Green Team Offers Award for Energy Efficiency

Posted by Nic Triolo 9/23/13 10:37pm
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I was excited when I received an e-mail from Dr. Timothy McWhirter, Professor of Philosophy at Montgomery College, asking me…

Green Wednesday: Sustainable Development & Energy in Rockville

Posted by Helen Triolo 6/19/13 07:41am
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I spent a pleasant evening yesterday at the monthly meeting of the Sustainable Development & Energy Committee, the part of…

Green Wednesday: Bees and Lawn Mower Replacement Parts

Posted by Helen Triolo 6/12/13 04:48pm
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Last weekend I was mowing the lawn with the wonderful zero-emissions cordless Black & Decker that I got a couple…

Solair Systems Partners with Mosaic Power for Innovative Clean Energy program

Posted by http://www.rockvilleliving.com/go 5/9/13 11:26am
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What happens when power supplied to our local grid fails to meet demand? One way power suppliers have traditionally made…

Geothermal well digging is underway!

Posted by Helen Triolo 4/3/13 11:22am
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The well-diggers are here and have started drilling the 600-foot well that will house the loop for our new geothermal…

Going Geothermal, Part 2: Incentives, Permits and other Logistics

Posted by Helen Triolo 3/18/13 08:55am
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This is how one corner of our front yard looked in early May last year, and how I imagine it…

Goodbye, old furnace. Hello, Geothermal!

Posted by Helen Triolo, last updated 3/12/13 11:38am
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Three weeks ago, our 26 year old furnace died. The fan motor stopped working and we were told by the…

Recycle your old holiday lights for new LED ones

Posted by Helen Triolo 11/24/12 08:40pm
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MOM's Organic Market in Rockville, which allows you to drop off all kinds of things to be put to a…