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Looking for ways to live more resourcefully, become more energy-independent, waste less, and support businesses who do the same? The Greenpages is the place to find information about ways that local organizations are supporting an environmentally sustainable future in the Rockville area.

Do you know of someone doing something environmentally interesting or inspiring? We welcome ideas for future notes.

Interview with an Electric Vehicle Owner

Posted by Cynthia Cotte Griffiths, last updated 3/6/14 01:25pm
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Having bought a hybrid car last year, I've been immensely curious about taking the next step to all electric. When…

Extreme Green Tower Oaks Tour, 2009

Posted by Helen Triolo 1/3/14 12:00am
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In 2009, Peerless Rockville held an "Extreme Green Tour" of the newly completed LEED-certified Tower Oaks building (at Wootton Parkway…

LEAF 2.0: Mastering the Emerging Charging Infrastructure

Posted by Paul, last updated 12/8/13 01:05pm
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After becoming familiar with the NISSAN LEAF zero emissions vehicle's functions and capabilities, the next thing the intrepid new owner…

Solair Systems Selected For Capitol Hill Community Solar Project

Posted by http://www.rockvilleliving.com/go, last updated 11/9/13 10:22am
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Rockville, MD — Rockville-based Solair Systems was selected from seven competitors as the installer for a community solar project in…

Montgomery College Green Team Offers Award for Energy Efficiency

Posted by Nic Triolo 9/23/13 10:37pm
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I was excited when I received an e-mail from Dr. Timothy McWhirter, Professor of Philosophy at Montgomery College, asking me…

"Meet the Locals" Night at Dawson's Market

Posted by http://www.rockvilleliving.com/go 9/12/13 05:09pm
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"Shop Local" doesn't get any better than this. Once a month, Dawson's Market hosts a "Meet the Locals" evening, with…

1000 Mile Progress Report: Driving the All-Electric Nissan LEAF

Posted by Paul 9/9/13 11:23am
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Well, 1000 miles into this electric thing, it is an amazing and brave new world. The LEAF is a stunningly…

Rockville Street Trees

Posted by Helen Triolo, last updated 8/29/13 02:35pm
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We were glad to see the same contractor who planted our City tree last November return last week to prune…

Have you been to the Rockville Farmers Market?

Posted by Helen Triolo 6/25/13 08:36am
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It's that time! The early summer farmers market features berries and greens like you won't find later on (of course,…

Green Wednesday: Sustainable Development & Energy in Rockville

Posted by Helen Triolo 6/19/13 07:41am
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I spent a pleasant evening yesterday at the monthly meeting of the Sustainable Development & Energy Committee, the part of…

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