Kendall Capital

20 Courthouse Square, Suite 216, Rockville MD 20850
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Kendall Capital is an independent, fee-only advisory firm offering planning and investment services to the middle-class millionaire throughout Montgomery County, Maryland

We're a FORS Senior-Friendly Business

Fiduciary Focus
In the financial services industry there are people who sell products and people who sell knowledge. There are people who look out for their commissions and people who look out for you. As Fiduciaries, we are different.

Only Fiduciary advisors like Kendall Capital provide advice for your individual situation, without any influence from outside interests.

The fee you pay for our advice and/or ongoing investment management is our only compensation. Because we do not receive any additional financial reward, there is no pressure to sell you anything that is not right for you. Our recommendations are entirely independent and without conflict of interest.

Legally, Fiduciaries are held to a higher standard by regulators. Unlike standard advisors who need only demonstrate that their recommendations are “suitable” for your situation, Federal law mandates that Fiduciary recommendations must be more than reasonable – they must be in your best interest.

At Kendall Capital, we work for you. Your interest. Your goals. Your well-being.