Advertise at Rockville Living

As part of the Local First Ad Network, we offer two kinds of advertising at special-offer/coupon-based ads and general message/awareness ads. Examples of both are shown below.

In both cases, ads are displayed as standard 300 x 250 medium rectangle ads in the sidebar on pages like the Notes page or at the top on pages like the Calendar. Special offer/coupon-based ads link to a coupon that can be displayed on a smartphone or printed for redemption. Coupons may also appear on "News & Coupons" sheets of participating non-profit organizations. General message/awareness ads link to any url you specify - your website, an event registration page, a Facebook page, or another url to which you want to draw traffic.

Ad rates and the number of ad spaces available at any given time are based on providing a CPM (cost per thousand unique views) of under $40, based on network traffic for the previous month. Click the Business Registration button to add or update your business in the directory and optionally sign up for advertising.

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Special Offers & Coupons

When clicked on, special offer ads link to a coupon that can be displayed on a smartphone or printed and brought in. The coupon includes a code that indicates which affiliate and website the coupon came from.

We're also beta-testing our new "News & Coupons" sheets, featuring information, events and tear-off coupons, at the Rockville Senior Center. If you have a business that serves seniors and would like to have your coupon included in the next FORS coupon sheet (at no extra charge), please let us know when you register.

Message / Awareness Ads

Use your ad space to get your message out to visitors and link to your website, Facebook page, or any other URL you wish. Ads may be changed as often as you like.

Here is an example of an ad we created for Artistic Gardens. You can create your own 300 x 250 ad if you prefer.

If you're a non-profit and have a business who would like to sponsor an ad for you, we can accommodate that by including a "Ad paid for by" area at the bottom of the ad, like this one that Solair Systems had us create for RBBA:

Current rate per ad space: $149 for 3 months or $299 for 6 months*

Number of spaces available: 16

Number of ad impressions in June 2014: 55,400 (May: 63,940, April: 59,900)

*Prices shown are for ad space only, and assume that you will provide your own ad (and coupon, if relevant). We charge $50/hr to create ads and/or coupons. Ad space reservations are first-come-first-served. Your ad will run as soon as both payment and ad has been received. If you prefer to have us create the ad, your ad will run within 5 days of receipt of payment and ad materials.

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